Cand. Mag. Cultural Studies, Copenhagen University (pending)

MA (Distinction) Interactive Media: Critical Theory & Practice, Goldsmiths University

BA Art History, Copenhagen University



The Doll House Of Petronella Van Oortmann (Or Home Is A Direction) In Flee Immediately! open source publication on new and interactive media, London, 2012

Disconnect & Punish Exhibition Catalogue for Goldsmiths College Interactive Media degree show, 2011

Alexandra’s Baby In Flee Immediately! open source publication on new and interactive media, London, 2011



Paper presentation: When Blood Trickles Down My Thigh, I Become Menstruant at Entanglements of New Materialisms at Linkoping University, 2012

A Material Conversation, installatory experiment and talk with Alexandra Jonsson at Feminist Materialisms – gender, body, nature, materiality, Copenhagen University, 2012


Real life work and volunteer work

Coordinator / Learning & Experience, Copenhagen Art Festival, Denmark

Visiting Research Student at the FLOSS Lab at Centre for Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Community Management at Hub Westminster, London

Art education and outreach in a multitude of shapes and forms in several Danish art institutions; ULK at Statens Museum For Kunst (Danish National Gallery), ARKEN Museum for Moderne Kunst (ARKEN Museum of Modern Art), Kunsthallen Nikolaj (Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center),  Det Fynske Kunstakademi (Funen Art Academy)

Dabbling with radio at Universitetsradioen, Denmark, and comms at METAL Southend, UK


Languages I can sort of exist within

Danish, English, French, Polish and Scandinavian Languages


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