Moist So Moist is a research project focusing on giving agency to menstruation. The project takes form through academic writing and research, written documentation, performative gestures and experimentation informed by art methodologies.

Operating on levels of writing, experimentation and engagement, the project seeks to open new material discussions and debates whilst aiming to subvert body paradigms that engender ontologies of shame and repression.

Moist So Moist is the brainchild of Miriam Wistreich. I am a  writer and researcher based in London, UK. I hold a BA in Art History from Copenhagen University and an MA in Interactive Media: Critical Theory and Practice from Goldsmiths College, where I am currently conducting my research at the Centre for Cultural Studies FLOSS Lab under Professor Graham Harwood. My interests revolve around bodies, both human and non-human, fictions and feminist thinking. A rather hopeless romantic, my previous research has engaged with Victorian prostitution in London, baroque dollhouses and desire.

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