Exciting: Moist So Moist in Our Bodies Ourselves

I’ve been keeping this under wraps, but now I can finally announce that Moist So Moist will be contributing to the forthcoming Danish edition of the 1970’s classic Our Bodies Ourselves, Kvinde Kend din Krop. Kvinde Kend din Krop has been imperative in spreading knowledge about body- and sexual cultures since its conception, so this is kind of a big deal to be involved in (The Kvinde Kend din Krop peeps are  also behind Kussomaten, a photo booth that allows women to anonymously photograph their vaginas with the aim to diversify the image of the female genitals, btw). The new version will have a specifically queer focus whilst continuing previous edition’s work to demystify the female body and break the taboos that surround it – Moist feels, like, perfect for the job.

I’ll be keeping you posted on this, for now I’m mainly brainstorming. I’ve been thinking a lot about focus groups (preferably male ones) and consciousness raising groups, marxist feminist style. Big yay.


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