What I did this summer

Moist So Moist is back!

This summer I:

– Relocated to Scandinavia, where I’ve spent pretty much every Saturday night drinking wine and  talking about periods

– was happy to see menstrual cup debates spread across the tiny country of Denmark

– harvested enough blood to start the garden that i have been going on about since forever, you’ll be able to follow my endeavours shortly.

– was pleasantly, but strangely surprised to feel the scent of lemon drizzle cake on my first sample, sweet and dry.  Made me think of my estranged gay husband, Proust and the Madeleine style. It’s Tim’s favorite. (SAMPLE 1)

– was unpleasantly surprised to feel my former joy in collecting diminish until I decided to take a small break. I’m still unsure whether to  ascribe it to inconvenience or hegemonic patriarchy. (SAMPLE 2-3)

– conjured up lots of exciting project and thoughts that I’ll be telling you about over the coming weeks.

– am very happy to be back and in celebration, dear menstruators, am giving you this top 5 of menstrual songs to make your week bloody amazing. 


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