Experiment 1: Preliminary project description

Moist So Moist : Experiment 1

: Aim

The experiment asks what happens when a menstruator gathers the blood expelled from the body instead of disposing of it. Using a device for the collection, a menstrual cup, the experiment’s second focus is on the entanglement of the menstruating body and menstrual technologies.

The experiment thus investigates the narration of a dispersed self, the menstrual worlds of different menstruators, whilst hoping to create a situation where menstruation can be experienced as a process or state with ontological potential.

: Form

Menstruators will be split into two groups: one group with menstruators who have previously used a menstrual cup and one with menstruators using the cup for the first time. Testees will be asked to collect their menstrual blood and document the experience.

: Tentative working questions (experiment)

: What does it mean to narrate the self (and which self is narrated)?

: What is the stuff and matter of menstruation and how do we give it voice?

: How do menstruators (re-)experience their bodies when living them in conjunction with menstrual technologies?

: What does it mean to have a menstruation body that is mediated through menstrual cup?

: What does it mean to remove oneself from the tampon/pad industry and enter into a different menstrual economy?

: What worlds does a menstrual cup create?

: What knowledge does a menstrual cup hold, how does it intra-act with a human body?

: What could a feminist methodology look like, what could it give us or hold us back from?

: Tentative working questions (ethics)

: Ethics form in development building on (and questioning) university ethics forms.

: What are the implications of departing with a part of one’s body?

: How should we approach the ownership of these parts, with whom does it lie?

: How can we create an experiment setting that accommodates the ownership felt by the testee whilst not impinging on the researcher’s freedom to speculate?

: How can we construct a methodology in collaboration with testees, what ethical dimensions and questions would arise from a collaborative creation?

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