Renee posted this on Moist’s Facebook page a while back, and I’m kind of appalled by it and at the same time liking it a lot. The internet meme suggests that menstruality is the coupling of ‘menstrual’ and ‘fatality’, a gory way to die in Mortal Combat. I’ve been thinking of absorbing this into the Moist vocabulary, but in a the form of ‘menstruation’ and ‘reality’. Menstruality = menstrual reality. Nice, huh?

I’m not sure how this concept could develop yet, but I very much like the idea of a temporally delimited embodied reality (of menstruation) and of developing a vocabulary for this type of physical being-in-the-world. I think many will agree that the world inhabited whilst menstruating is different than the ‘normal’ world, perhaps more hassle-full, more acute, more embodied. I was watching Modern Family the other day and the kid goes: “you’re all monstruating!” to his angry, crying sisters. There’s a definite other flavor to existence when on your period, violent and vulnerable. It’s a different world, menstruality.

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