Dear Miriam. Thanks for your interest in menstrual culture and thanks for using The DivaCup.


A long time ago I told you all about Experiment 1. When Alexandra was accepted into the Feminist Materialisms conference it was with a ‘material conversation’ and I pictured this table with jars of blood on it and all these menstrual narratives. I’d be sitting at that table, showing one jar after the other and recounting the stories; “Jane experienced her body as…” We ended up doing something else, but I’ve  been working on Experiment 1 behind the scenes and want you all to know about it because it looks like it might happen.

I contacted DivaCup a while ago to request a donation for Experiment 1. Sophie Z wrote me back saying “Dear Miriam. Thanks for your interest in menstrual culture and thanks for using The DivaCup.” For the past month or so I’ve been discussing with Sophie Z, Communications Specialist at Diva International Inc, makers of The DivaCup, who’s been absolutely amazing and made me think about lots of things. She’s very invested in women’s health and has shown great insight and interest in Moist So Moist – I’ve been lucky to be able to ping-pong with someone at a corporate level who actually understands what it’s all about. I really hope Moist and Diva Internaional can find a way of working together, and at this time it doesn’t look like a collaboration is unrealistic. I’ll be keeping you posted. Yay Experiment 1!

BTW, if you’re an adventurous and curious menstruator who already knows that you’d like to participate in Experiment 1, please do send me an email: You don’t have to own a menstrual cup, I’m working to supply those, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve used one before.

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