Experiment 2: Transferring blood, an experimental story in pictures

A little picture series from when I transplanted blood into new containers for the Feminist Materialisms conference. Overdue, but still f-u-n. These were also some of the events leading to my understanding of the challenges of handling other people’s blood. I did this transfer in my mother’s brand-spanking-new kitchen without asking, so mother, if you’re reading, I’m sorry. You’ll be happy to know that I bleached the sh*t out of that tabletop afterwards and yes, I threw out the salad.

Transferring blood, an experimental story in pictures

Collected sanitary pads, plastic gloves, sandwich bags for sanitary pads, breast milk bags for blood.

Specimen A: collected sanitary pads.

Specimen B: blood, my own donation flown in from London and in need of transferal for aesthetic purposes.


Transferring specimen B.
Notice giant basil. Giant basil makes mother very happy.

Specimen C: Collected tampons with time stamp. The specimen was frozen upon collection.

Specimen C with container for transferal.

Observation: Gloves create protective/distancing surface between bodies.

Notice container for sanitary products. Mother: “you brought yoghurt from London?” Me: “No, that’s menstruation” Mother: “Oh… I’m just going to put that in the bathroom. Right here.”



First specimen transferred.

Transfer complete.

Specimen D: collected blood.

Transferring specimen D to breast milk bag. Blood has distinctly different color, more crimson with purple, than the blood I have collected before.

Note: Specimen D has distinctly different smell than specimen B.

Specimen transferred to jars for final installation.

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