Experiment 2: A material conversation

As some of you might know, Alexandra and I have been accepted to the Feminist Materialisms conference in Copenhagen next week, so were working hard on building an installation for the public bathrooms. It’s loads of fun but also really complicated, in large part because, like a lot of academics, I’m more of a thinker than a doer.

The piece is an interactive installation created specifically for the conference. This is the blurb for now: Operating in the background of the main conference, in the restrooms, the piece draws attention to the physical process of menstruating and sets up a situation in which menstrual blood is treated not merely as an abject fluid with no value, but as an agent that opens a possibility of different interactions with the menstruator’s leaking body.

Basically, we’re building a little collection point for disused sanitary products consisting of three large glass jars that menstruators can deposit the used products into, one for pads, one for tampons and one for menstrual cup blood. I’ll be posting more about our process and progress, but I’m telling you, it’s a tough hunt for the perfect sanitary pad sandwich bag.

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